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Discover The Top Ten Features Your Real Estate Website Must Have... Survey Says!

After surveying real estate agents for more than a year, asking what they thought the most important feature a Top 10 Real Estate Website should have... we have the answers. In this video series we will break down and discuss each of the these features as well as why they are so important and how they will benefit you in your real estate business... 

CRM Management 

Integrates with Top Producer, iXact Contact, Follow Up Boss, Infusion Soft & Solve 360 or any other CRM plus the new powerful and extremely user-friendly Lead Booker CRM.

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Agent Websites

Build your personal brand with the Advance Website a professional, fully-featured real estate agent website that enables you to create single property websites on the fly and setup is FAST.

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Lead Management

Capture, nurture and convert leads with custom forms with predictive marketing and email campaigns, track visitor activity on your website and be automatically notified which leads are most active.

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The First Video in This 10 Part Series on The Top 10 Features of a Top 10 Real Estate Website

This is the first video in this 10 part series - The Top 10 Features of a Top 10 Real Estate Website... I've decided to make this video available for all that visit this website so that you can see first hand what it is that you're going to be presented with an educational experience and not a sales pitch.


I try to provide an incredible amount of value for the real estate agents that choose to work with me and the systems that we have developed. I believe the
closing is overrated and by providing you with plenty of value, you will be able to
make an informed decision that will have a positive effect on your future.


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